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    The resolutionary iPad 3 screen repair! Cracked screen? Let us handle it.

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Our parts are premium quality. And most other repair companies are not up to par with that standard. We've worked incredibly hard, and so have our parts partners in establishing permanent channels of the real stuff, premium standard glass. One of the major reasons some of the country's top organizations use iMobileRescue for corporate iPad repair is because of the originality of our parts.

We use the real thing because we know that you don't have time for sub-par parts, and a below average standard. Our mission is quality. Our parts are pristine. Our service is immaculate.

With our iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, and mini repairs, your digitizer (outer screen) will be replaced with the real stuff! High quality glass. Why does it matter? You might think "what could possibly go wrong with an aftermarket part?" And the answer is a lot! Non original iPad glass can create touch sensitivity problems, and overall quality and cosmetic issues. On average, we get about 10-15% of our inbound inquiries from folks who used a third party company for a repair, and their device was fixed with low quality glass. And trust us! Those people aren't happy when we get those calls. So take the safe bet. Choose quality. You'll be thankful you did!

Our turnaround time is 1-3 days on iPad 2, 3 and 4, mini and air repairs. This is faster than any company in the nation and gets you your device back in a jiffy. One of the best parts of our service, and one of the major positive points on reviews on iMobileRescue, is our turnaround time. Your device goes right into the repair process upon arrival at our repair HQ, fixed up, and shipped back out to your doorstep or business soon thereafter. So order your repair, and let's get started.

Our most popular iPad repair solutions this year have been iPad 2 repair, iPad 3 repair, and iPad 4 repair. Most recently, the iPad mini repair, and iPad Air Repair have been close competition!

No one wants to pay for a new device. That's, depending on the model and specs, upwards of $500.00. Because of that dynamic, our iPad repair services have been heavily sought out throughout the country, both from normal iPad users, and businesses and organizations.

The most popular repairs coming in, are a mix between all of the most recent models. And yes! The iPad 2 is still recent! Many people, and organizations, still rely on the iPad 2.

Our repair center is top of the line. Repair stations are pristinely neat and dust free, and the theme of our facility is consistent with the Apple stores themselves.

Our main repair center is located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, in the heart of Christmas City. It includes a lobby area, a main reception and waiting area, a parts and device storage area, and main repair area. In our repair center, we receive, repair, and ship iOS devices for our customers. Our senior staff works here, and the owner of the company also works directly out of the repair facility.

Our processes are exclusive to us, and are tried and truly effective. We have learned and even invented some of the most advanced processes for iPad repair, digitizer removal, and sealing a device once a screen is replaced. Of course, this didn't happen overnight. We've been around! iMobileRescue is in its 3rd year, going strong, doing iPad and iPhone repair. We've been a national company for two years, and have been serving customers around America, as well as some of the world's most prestigious corporations, for quite some time now.

And all the repair magic happens right here at our repair center. Want some more detailed pictures? Check out the iMobileRescue HQ.

iPad Repair Costs? We know you're wondering! When thinking of getting an iPad repaired, most people think of cost right away. We understand! Which is why we've worked aggressively to reduce the price of all iPad glass replacement repairs, and save you hundreds of dollars over getting new devices. Our iPad 2, 3 and 4 screen repairs are all $134.99. No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for an iPad screen repair.

And that's where we fit into the landscape. We are an iPad specialist company, that can replace your iPad screen, and save you money. Cracked iPad glass repair shouldn't be expensive!

iPad 2 screen repair is $134.99, iPad 3 screen repair is $134.99, and repair on the iPad 4 screen is also $134.99. The iPad mini and mini retina repair are priced currently at $145.00, and the iPad air 1st Gen is $179.99. Recently, the iPad Air 2 repair has been added to the list at a strong $365.00, still saving money over getting a new device .